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porcelainporce‧lain /ˈpɔːslɪn $ ˈpɔːrsəlɪn/ noun [uncountable]  1 TIPa hard shiny white substance that is used for making expensive plates, cups etcchina a porcelain vase2 DFUplates, cups etc made of thischina
Examples from the Corpus
porcelainInstruments of torture feature somewhat incongruously alongside porcelain, glassware and fans owned by members of the imperial family.Firemen and villagers formed a chain to ferry furniture and porcelain to safety.I held my breath and examined the exquisite little porcelain feathers and the pink and white porcelain crab-apple blossoms.The year was 1710, and Meissen porcelain is still being made to this day.Hand-painted porcelain plates and artistic presentations are visually charming here.The porcelain industry, in which again much government money was sunk, was also a failure.She had put two straight-backed chairs at a kitchen table with a white porcelain top.
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