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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishportfolioport‧fo‧li‧o /pɔːtˈfəʊliəʊ $ pɔːrtˈfoʊlioʊ/ ●○○ noun (plural portfolios) [countable]  1 Da large flat case used especially for carrying pictures, documents etc2 AVa set of pictures or other pieces of work that an artist, photographer etc has done You’ll need to prepare a portfolio of your work.3 BFa group of stocks owned by a particular person or company an investment portfolio4 British EnglishPG the work that a particular government official is responsible for the foreign affairs portfolio
Examples from the Corpus
portfolioFinancial institutions - which act as intermediaries between lenders and borrowers, and manage their own asset portfolios. 3.Bankinter has chosen not to take advantage of the new rules and continues to mark its bond portfolio to market prices.They offer not only all the finest portfolio available but also accurate advice and help.What they were building was not an ideal city but prudent investment portfolios.Professional Portfolio, an individual portfolio.It was reported on Dec. 30 that Carlos Vera had been appointed to take over Zambrano's portfolio.Beacon will acquire 3. 3 million square feet of space, bringing its total portfolio to 10 million square feet.
From Longman Business Dictionaryportfolioport‧fo‧li‧o /pɔːtˈfəʊliəʊpɔːrtˈfoʊlioʊ/ noun1[countable]FINANCE a collection of shares owned by a person or companyEuropean stocks make up 50% of his investment portfolio.a measure of portfolio performance2[countable]COMMERCEMARKETING all the products or services offered by a particular businessThe company has struck a deal with a biotechnology company of similar size and product portfolio.3[countable, uncountable] the area of responsibility of a particular government minister in Britain or cabinet member in the US governmentHe was given the Agriculture portfolio.the Minister Without Portfolio (=with general responsibilities)4[countable] a large flat case, used especially for carrying drawings and documents
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