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porticopor‧ti‧co /ˈpɔːtɪkəʊ $ ˈpɔːrtɪkoʊ/ noun (plural porticoes or porticos) [countable]  AATa covered entrance to a building, consisting of a roof supported by pillars
Examples from the Corpus
porticoIts Victorian replacement, with long drives and a portico of columns, has fallen into disuse.The building looks like a library or similar public building with its classical portico and columns with Ionic capitals.There was a large portico and covered walk leading up to double doors that shushed open as I approached.the south portico of the White HouseShe sat with her back against the portico.He aimed his ball at the portico and managed to hit the pumpkin with it.She stood in the portico of his chamber and gravely allowed him to admire her.Under the portico, bodies are sprawled, a tangle of limbs of malnourished young men.
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