Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin portio


1 noun
Related topics: Food
1 [countable] a part of something larger, especially a part that is different from the other parts
portion of
The front portion of the rocket breaks off.
The rent on his portion of the apartment was $500 a month.
significant/substantial/major/good portion
The main character's childhood takes up a good portion of the film.
2 [countable]DF an amount of food for one person, especially when served in a restaurant [= serving, helping]:
Do you have any children's portions?
portion of
a huge portion of roast beef
He served generous portions (=large portions) of soup from a black pot.
3 [usually singular] a share of something, such as responsibility, blame, or a duty, that is divided between a small number of people
portion of
The other driver must bear a portion of the blame for the accident.

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