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portraitpor‧trait1 /ˈpɔːtrɪt $ ˈpɔːr-/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 portrait.jpg AVPPICTUREa painting, drawing, or photograph of a person a family portraitportrait of the artist’s portrait of his mother She’s been commissioned to paint Jackson’s portrait.2 DESCRIBEa description or representation of somethingportrait of a portrait of working life in America self-portrait
Examples from the Corpus
portraitNote also the 1709 portrait of the miniaturist Karl Bruni by Jan Kupecký.A portrait of the Virgin Mary looms behind him like a heavenly guardian.They took formal portraits of the two leaders side by side in wingback chairs, smiling again.Lunia was flattered at having her portrait painted by a gifted artist, but at first she felt rather intimidated by the experience.A full-length portrait of the Queen hung on the wall.The artist Hans Holbein was best known for painting portraits.The making of personal portraits was part of this popular aesthetic, firmly embedded in commercial practices.I found myself staring at the portrait, which was still propped on the cedar table.Whether or not it can be seen as Kelman's self-portrait, it is the portrait of an artist.West's elegy magnifies the warts and the amours, yet gives poetic poignancy to the portraits he draws here.paint ... portraitBruch painted a psychological portrait of the obese that contrasted sharply with the image of the jolly fat person.Bailey Doogan, for instance, the feminist painter who frequently paints unerring portraits of aging bodies, is an Etherton regular.My grandmother painted frescoes and portraits.Frans Hals had painted portraits of girls who could only be described as plain, but something lively and piquant redeemed them.He is going to paint my portrait.In 1881 Stanford visited the artist in Paris, asking him to paint a portrait of his wife.But Jacques Lipchitz, who had recently married, decided to commission Modigliani to paint a wedding portrait.
portraitportrait2 adjective  AVDif a piece of paper, a page, a photograph etc is in a portrait position, it is placed on a surface or hung on a wall with its longer edges at the sides opp landscape