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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishportrayalpor‧tray‧al /pɔːˈtreɪəl $ pɔːr-/ ●○○ noun [countable, uncountable]  DESCRIBEthe way someone or something is described or shown in a book, film, play etcportrayal of the newspapers’ portrayal of Islamic cultureaccurate/realistic etc portrayal The film is not an accurate portrayal (=correct portrayal) of his life.
Examples from the Corpus
portrayalThis is a portrayal of malevolence on a grand scale.The puzzling question is why Walker compromised her portrayals like this.Spacek won an Oscar for her portrayal of Loretta Lynn.The memo is seen as damaging to a prime minister who insists he is not concerned by media portrayals of his government.In instances where programs dealt with religion, positive portrayals outnumbered negatives one by 4-to-3, the group said.Yet beneath their glowing and reverent portrayal, there seemed to lurk another Abu Kamal.I cannot accept the article's portrayal of these men as bloodthirsty terrorists.We have already noticed that a chief motif of the Orphic cosmogonies is their portrayal of the development of new life.It was a very unfair portrayal of you.Many have criticized Hollywood for its unrealistic portrayal of life in America.accurate/realistic etc portrayalA realistic portrayal of the life and times of the legendary outlaw well worth the visit.Constanze said many years later that it was an accurate portrayal of her anguish.What is the relationship between the accurate portrayal of a single case and a general truth about the nature of things?
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