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pose a question

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpose a questionpose a questionASK A QUESTIONto ask a question, especially one that needs to be carefully thought about In her book she poses the question ‘How much do we need to be happy?’. pose
Examples from the Corpus
pose a questionHe survived the surgery, and I cautiously began to pose questions.Yet these two enemies are also enemies of each other, which poses a question.That poses a question about their very nature.Simply put, eVote lets people pose questions and conduct votes using e-mail.It is open to the House to ask for reports, and it can pose questions at any time.Olajuwon stopped by to visit and pose a question: Could Pond help him get to college in the United States?In their minds, buying a gown poses questions more complicated than chiffon or lace.The magazine posed a list of questions to each of the candidates.
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