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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishposerpos‧er /ˈpəʊzə $ ˈpoʊzər/ noun [countable] informal  1 SHOW OFF British English (also poseur /pəʊˈzɜː $ poʊˈzɜːr/) someone who pretends to have a quality or social position they do not really have, usually in order to make people notice or admire them You meet a lot of posers in this job.2 a difficult question That’s a real poser.
Examples from the Corpus
poserFergie may well have bought a cut diamond at cut price but how he fits in remains a poser.Did you hear him going on about his Porsches? What a poser!But now Leeds skipper Lucas Radebe has raised what he believes to be an equally pertinent poser.I love having my photograph taken, in fact I am a real poser!Has your paper no more subtle posers, Doctor?I put this poser to him, though in a more tactful way, you understand.
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