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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishposhposh1 /pɒʃ $ pɑːʃ/ ●○○ adjective informal  1 EXPENSIVEa posh restaurant, hotel, car etc is expensive and looks as if it is used or owned by rich people a posh private school2 British EnglishCLASS IN SOCIETY upper class Her parents are terribly posh.
Examples from the Corpus
poshSome were like herself, some were from the suburbs and some sounded quite posh.My house wasn't posh, but it was clean and it was mine.a posh five-star hotelShe went to a posh girls' school in Switzerland.She goes to a posh girls' school near Brighton.I take the couch, an obligatory furnishing in hacker dens, even posh hacker dens like these at Xerox.When I'm famous I'm going to stay in a posh hotel and drink champagne all day.They split when he was in some really posh place, up the West End.It's been routed from a solid block of not very posh plywood.Will your posh university friends be coming tonight?
poshposh2 adverb British English informal   talk poshPoshPosh /pɒʃ $ pɑːʃ/   an informal name for the British pop singer Victoria Beckham, used especially in newspapers and magazines Becks
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