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positive proof/evidence/identification etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpositive proof/evidence/identification etcpositive proof/evidence/identification etcPROVEproof etc that shows that there is no doubt that something is true The witness made a positive identification. positive
Examples from the Corpus
positive proof/evidence/identification etcAfter setting up the frequency, make sure of positive identification. 2.Check the call-sign twice for positive identification.I was hoping for a positive identification.The fact that attempts are made to restore it is positive proof.Just when these walls were later added remains a vexing question as so little positive evidence has even now been recovered.However, the issue is settled by positive evidence not by ingenious explanation of the failure to confirm the idea.A clearer view exists of what services are not than of any positive identification of their characteristics.They look for positive evidence that the business is soundly based and a good lending risk.
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