1 used to emphasize that something is true, especially when this seems surprising:
Some holiday destinations are positively dangerous.
2 in a way that shows you agree with something or want it to succeed [≠ negatively]:
It is hoped that the industry will respond positively to this new initiative.
3 in a way that shows you are thinking about what is good in a situation rather than what is bad:
They're encouraged to think positively about themselves and their future.
Change should be accepted and be viewed positively.
4 in a way that leaves no doubt:
'You certainly won't!' Katherine said positively.
The blood was never positively identified as the victim's.
5 spoken used to emphasize that you really mean what you are saying [= definitely]:
This is positively the last time you'll hear me say this.

positively charged

technicalHP having the type of electrical charge that is carried by protons

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