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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpositivelypos‧i‧tive‧ly /ˈpɒzətɪvli $ ˈpɑː-/ ●○○ AWL adverb  1 COMPLETELYused to emphasize that something is true, especially when this seems surprising Some holiday destinations are positively dangerous.2 AGREEin a way that shows you agree with something or want it to succeed opp negatively It is hoped that the industry will respond positively to this new initiative.3 SUCCESSFULin a way that shows you are thinking about what is good in a situation rather than what is bad They’re encouraged to think positively about themselves and their future. Change should be accepted and be viewed positively.4 CERTAINLY/DEFINITELYin a way that leaves no doubt ‘You certainly won’t!’ Katherine said positively. The blood was never positively identified as the victim’s.5 spokenCOMPLETELY used to emphasize that you really mean what you are saying syn definitely This is positively the last time you’ll hear me say this.6 positively charged
Examples from the Corpus
positivelyMost guys he met thought this was too far out, positively antediluvian.positively beautifulHis conceptual approach to problems and decision-making is supported, mostly positively, by a superior general intellect.We were affected very positively by the experience.These positively charged ions are themselves highly hydrated.With the long carry over the beach to the fairway, it looked positively dangerous.The food in this place isn't just bad, it's positively disgusting.When he took over the role last year, the box office took off, and the reviews were positively glowing.Devlin answers question one positively in two ways.Her performance was positively marvellous.If you positively must read your verbal presentation then why are you making it?I absolutely, positively must remember to send that check.They all said positively that they had seen it.Ed's positively the funniest guy I know.Wall Street reacted positively to the announcement.positively dangerousBut the unpleasant reality is that some holiday destinations are positively dangerous.Relying on tablets for the relief of pain without trying to discover its cause can be positively dangerous.Suddenly, the mild-mannered little man didn't look green any more - he looked positively dangerous.With the long carry over the beach to the fairway, it looked positively dangerous.This can be positively dangerous, if only because such practitioners may not recognise when a person is seriously ill.Indeed I think it is positively dangerous to hold negative feelings in.It is either tautologous, positively dangerous, unoriginal or highly ambiguous.High tide is often positively dangerous, with vicious dumping waves breaking on the steep slope of the upper beach.think positivelyEva was jubilant, thinking, see how you limited yourself when you did not think positively.Forget about your feelings, think positively.They're encouraged to think positively about themselves and their prospects.However, rather than feeling gloomy about your lack of horseflesh try thinking positively about your situation.Once you've convinced yourself you will get out of it, think positively and show some determination.Learning to think positively and to look towards healthy outcomes can help considerably in any diet programme.Failure to think positively means that negative thoughts have come into his mind.positively identifiedFour hundred corpses were never positively identified.More than 200 sets of remains have been returned in recent years, but only seven have been positively identified.Transformed cells could be positively identified after 7-10 days.These were later positively identified as belonging to 25year-old Garry Pettitt.It was a list of all bodies that had been positively identified to date.Neither ailment had been positively identified when she arrived at the Royal and it was decided to transfer her for further investigation.
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