pos‧si‧bly S1 W2
1 used when saying that something may be true or likely, although you are not completely certain [= perhaps, maybe]:
This last task is possibly the most difficult.
It will take three weeks, possibly longer.
'Will you be here tomorrow?' 'Possibly.'
'Was it murder?' ' Quite possibly (=it is very likely).'
2 spoken used to emphasize that you are very surprised or shocked by something, or you cannot understand it:
How could anyone possibly do such a thing?

could/can you possibly

spoken used when making a polite request:
Could you possibly close that window?
4 used to emphasize that someone will do or has done everything they can to help or to achieve something:
We shall be contributing as much as we possibly can to the campaign.
Doctors did everything they possibly could to save his life.
5 used to emphasize that you cannot do something, or that something cannot or could not happen or be done
can't/couldn't possibly
I can't possibly allow you to go home in this weather.
She couldn't possibly have heard what was said.

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