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post-mortempost-mor‧tem, postmortem /ˌpəʊstˈmɔːtəm $ ˌpoʊstˈmɔːr-/ noun [countable]  1 (also postmortem examination)MH an examination of a dead body to discover why the person died syn autopsypost-mortem on A post-mortem on the body revealed that the victim had been strangled.do/carry out/conduct a post-mortem2 EXAMINE especially British English an examination of a plan or event that failed, done to discover why it failedpost-mortem on a post-mortem on the company’s poor results
Examples from the Corpus
post-mortemOnly a post-mortem revealed the truth.A police pathologist carried out a post-mortem on the body.A post-mortem revealed that the woman had died of blood poisoning.A post-mortem will take place tomorrow at Poplar mortuary in east London.Also last weekend, the Fabians published their general election post-mortem.Party chairman Chris Patten, the tragic hero of the hour, arrived shortly after 11.00 for a lengthy post-mortem.The most ludicrous post-mortem appeared last Thursday, September 18, on the editorial page of an almost-daily afternoon paper.Here, in a room in Sandton, the Springboks were undergoing a similar post-mortem.The verdict of that post-mortem was that Reverend Marr had been killed at about midnight on Friday.No evidence of drugs was found in the post-mortem examination.Owing to shortage of medical staff, the post-mortem was not carried out until the following morning.
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