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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpost-warˌpost-ˈwar adjective [only before noun] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š AFTERhappening or existing after a war, especially the Second World War opp pre-war πŸ”Š post-war Britainpost-war period/years/era πŸ”Š food rationing in the immediate post-war years β€”post-war adverb
Examples from the Corpus
post-warβ€’ The experience of these writers was seen as emblematic of the increased social mobility that characterized post-war Britain.β€’ Until the 1970s Coventry was one of the fastest growing cities in post-war Britain.β€’ None the less, the picture for output in manufacturing does indicate a shift after 1973, away from the trend of steady post-war growth.β€’ Nor was this resistance to diminish in the post-war period, as will be seen in the next chapter.β€’ The post-war period in Britain has been characterized by the development of geriatric medicine as a legitimate medical specialism.β€’ Shore challenged the regional and new towns policies of the post-war period which had encouraged economic and population dispersal.β€’ This pattern of mortality has remained approximately constant over the post-war period.β€’ However, 1985 signalled the end of the post-war trend of decline in working hours in Britain.immediate post-warβ€’ Strongest on the immediate post-war period, this is a bumper book of buffoonery.β€’ The widening of educational opportunity in the immediate post-war period was not accompanied by radical changes in its content.β€’ Most of Let Us Face the Future reads like a prospective history of the immediate post-war period.β€’ This immediate post-war shortage ushered in what may be identified as the first phase of the emergence of headhunting.β€’ In the immediate post-war years the special relationship almost collapsed.β€’ At the centre of this emergent mode of rationality was the negotiation of long-term employment tenure in the immediate post-war years.β€’ But before turning specifically to this task, we must examine a little more closely the events of the immediate post-war years.β€’ These and the other changes presented enormous difficulties in the immediate post-war years.
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