2 verb
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post2 S3 [transitive]


British EnglishTCM to send a letter, package etc by post [= mail]:
She's just gone to post a letter.
post something (off) to somebody
Did you remember to post the card to my parents?
post somebody something
I posted Barry the cheque last Friday.

post something through somebody's door/letter box

British English to push something through someone's letterbox:
I'll post the key through your letterbox when I leave.


[usually passive]PMPGO if you are posted somewhere, your employer sends you to work there, usually for several years
post somebody to France/London etc
He joined the British Army and was posted to Germany.

public notice

also post up to put up a public notice about something on a wall or notice board:
The exam results were posted on the bulletin board yesterday.


PM to make someone be in a particular place in order to guard a building, check who enters or leaves a place, watch something etc [= station]:
Guards were to be posted around nuclear power stations.

keep somebody posted

spoken to regularly tell someone the most recent news about something
keep somebody posted on
I'll keep you posted on his progress.

profit/loss etc

especially American English to officially record and announce information about a company's financial situation or a country's economic situation:
Cisco Systems posted record profits and sales for the third fiscal quarter.

internet message

to put a message or computer document on the Internet so that other people can see it:
Could you post those new flyers on David's website?

be posted missing

British EnglishPM if a soldier is posted missing, it is announced officially that they have disappeared

post bail

law especially American English to pay a specific amount of money in order to be allowed to leave prison before your trial

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