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postcodepost‧code /ˈpəʊstkəʊd $ ˈpoʊstkoʊd/ ●●○ noun [countable]  British EnglishTCM a group of numbers and letters that you write at the end of an address on an envelope, package etc. The postcode shows the exact area where someone lives and helps the post office deliver the post more quickly syn zip code American English
Examples from the Corpus
postcodeSamples may be specified on the basis of postcode sectors, census enumeration districts or electoral wards and constituencies.This feature enables both halves of postcodes to be kept together and similarly for telephone numbers.There is an 11-year difference in longevity between babies born in the richest and the poorest postcodes in Britain.The basis of the analysis is the customer's postcode, which may be held on existing computerised customer records.It certainly makes a the postcode system look a bit silly.We identified the postcode areas of patients and categorised them into three groups - namely, urban, rural, or mixed.Use your postcode so the police can identify your property more quickly. 4 Have precious items valued.Die stamp or arc weld your postcode on valuable equipment Crime costs.
From Longman Business Dictionarypostcodepost‧code /ˈpəʊstkəʊdˈpoʊstkoʊd/ (also postal code) noun [countable] British English a series of letters and numbers showing exactly where a building is. Postcodes are used so that post can be delivered more quickly. Insurance companies also use postcodes to calculate insurance rates in different areas SYN zip code AmEA specialist agency will add postcodes to addresses where customer records are incomplete.
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