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posterpost‧er /ˈpəʊstə $ ˈpoʊstər/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  BBAPICTUREa large printed notice, picture, or photograph, used to advertise something or as a decoration A team of volunteers were putting up posters. a poster campaign for the electionposter for the poster for the exhibitionposter of posters of old movie starssee thesaurus at advertisement
Examples from the Corpus
posterFast by the seminar and poster standards, this was unacceptably slow to the scientific community involved.There are posters for the Van Gogh exhibition everywhere.Two of her photos became posters for the Monterey Jazz festival.The environmental organization had written to all the country's general practitioners in January offering a health education poster and booklet.Ernst's supporters have plastered his election posters over walls and cars.Cream voile has been lavishly draped around the metal four- poster bedstead to make an attractive centrepiece.Photographs, framed posters, the odd award statuette.Anna's bedroom wall was covered in posters of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.Sandra collects old movie posters.He sits under the strike posters shuffling papers.George Underwood designed the poster and 50 people turned up.I carefully hung the poster so Bob could see it from his bed without turning.A couple of years later he graduated to sticking up posters to advertise concerts.putting up postersInside the ticket hall, a team of volunteers were putting up posters.
From Longman Business Dictionaryposterpost‧er /ˈpəʊstəˈpoʊstər/ noun [countable] a large printed notice, used to advertise somethingan advertising poster for a brand of clothing
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