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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishposteriorpos‧te‧ri‧or1 /pɒˈstɪəriə $ pɑːˈstɪriər/ adjective [only before noun]  technicalBACK/BACKWARDS near or at the back of something opp anterior the posterior part of the brain
Examples from the Corpus
posteriorBoth anterior and posterior attention systems have many subcortical partners in doing their job, especially in the thalamus.In phenotypically abnormal brains, there was some disorganized differentiation of neurons caudal to the posterior commissure.Both the four eye and spot fin have a posterior eye spot.In the posterior part of the body there appears to be a distinct mid-line streak and diagonal marks running out from it.Axons from this same area project into the posterior pituitary.The theorem states that the posterior probability is proportional to the prior probability multiplied by the likelihood.
posteriorposterior2 noun [countable]  HBHthe part of the body you sit on – used humorously syn buttocks, bottom
Examples from the Corpus
posteriorThe central position was taken by the headmaster himself, and the live coals sent vivid warmth to his posterior.Then he allowed me to rub it into his injured posterior, a great thrill for me.But in the background, two posteriors are clearly visible.Daphne's huge bosom and vast posterior looked as if they were about to burst from her too-tight black costume.Greg sank into the leather warmed by his voluptuous posterior.
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