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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishposteritypos‧ter‧i‧ty /pɒˈsterəti $ pɑː-/ noun [uncountable] formal  FUTUREall the people in the future who will be alive after you are deadpreserve/record/keep etc something for posterity a priceless work of art that must be kept for posterity
Examples from the Corpus
posterityIt is hard to know now whether Eden was really being serious, or merely protecting himself for posterity.Not only would that further damage his image for posterity.It so happens that Parrhasios composed his own review for posterity, namely the epitaph inscribed on his tombstone.If you want your hand written words of wisdom saved for posterity use quality paper and permanent ink.Perhaps she simply wanted to hear herself perform, unless of course she hoped to leave posterity an example of her playing.Such a pleasure I hope is before us and our posterity under the influence of the new government...One can imagine them forthrightly shaking hands and congratulating and thanking each other, but the words are lost to posterity.preserve/record/keep etc something for posterityThis wise precaution preserved the Garden for posterity.All V-Discs were to be destroyed after the war, but the Smithsonian kept a set for posterity, thankfully.
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