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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpostgamepost‧game /ˌpəʊstˈɡeɪm◂ $ ˌpoʊst-/ adjective [only before noun] American English  happening after a sports game postgame celebrations
Examples from the Corpus
postgameSome sections were not sold because of postgame fireworks...Leyland deadpanned while standing amid the postgame hugs near home plate.Gregg was called into the postgame interview room and asked about his strike zone.In the postgame maelstrom, Switzer was one of the first to take the podium.Coach Flip Saunders had completed his postgame news conference, offering praise all around.At the postgame press conference he brought his glove, sat it on the table in front of him and commenced fidgeting.A telling moment occurred in the postgame press conference.Obviously upset, Cox fidgeted and slumped, struggling to endure the postgame press conference.
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