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postgraduatepost‧grad‧u‧ate1 /ˌpəʊstˈɡrædjuət $ ˌpoʊstˈɡrædʒuət/ noun [countable] especially British English  SECsomeone who is studying at a university to get a master’s degree or a PhD syn graduate student American English
Examples from the Corpus
postgraduateSome 450 students, mainly postgraduates, were overseas students attracted from non-EC countries.Research students are admitted initially as supervised postgraduates and take a course of study tailored to their individual needs and experience.The Foundation has been delighted to be able to sow the seeds of international cooperation by supporting postgraduates.He has three postgraduates helping him with his research.
Related topics: College
postgraduatepostgraduate2 adjective [only before noun]  1 SEC especially British English relating to studies done at a university after completing a first degree syn graduate American English postgraduate degrees2 SEC American English relating to studies done after completing a PhD syn post doctoral
Examples from the Corpus
postgraduateShe got a degree in history last year, and now she's doing a postgraduate course.But his woods look as beautiful as any tended by a forester with a postgraduate degree from Yale.Study for the dissertation for postgraduate degrees is normally undertaken during the summer vacation.Most of the people in the department hold postgraduate degrees.For these students, this was manifested by a decision not to continue with physics at postgraduate level.This booklet provides an introduction to the postgraduate programme.postgraduate researchAlthough organised on a departmental basis, postgraduate study within the Faculty is not confined to disciplinary boundaries.Funding a course is one of the most challenging things people face when considering postgraduate study.Quite a few have gone on to postgraduate teacher training to teach in the secondary sector.postgraduate work at the Sorbonne
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