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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpostmodernpost‧mod‧ern /ˌpəʊstˈmɒdn◂ $ ˌpoʊstˈmɑːdərn◂/ adjective  1 relating to or influenced by postmodernism postmodern architecture2 used to describe styles, attitudes etc that are typical of the social life that is found in many western countries now, in which television and the buying of goods and services etc are very important postmodern culture
Examples from the Corpus
postmodernLike all those whose needs are not being met over the long term, postmodern children and adolescents are feeling victimized.Havel, an intellectual with many contacts in the West, is conversant with various analyses of modern and postmodern conditions.Here the shift from a modern to a postmodern context becomes hermeneutically significant.The postmodern descendants of the Organization Man are not victims, after all, but pioneers.The same can be said of the postmodern discovery that the universe is expanding.In other words, we are in a postmodern novel.If this situation epitomizes the postmodern world, then theologians may hope once again to become serious participants in the cultural conversation.
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