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postscriptpost‧script /ˈpəʊsˌskrɪpt $ ˈpoʊs-/ noun [countable] (written abbreviation PS)  1 TCMa message written at the end of a letter after you have signed your name2 ENDextra details or information that you add after a story or an accountpostscript to There’s an interesting postscript to this tale.
Examples from the Corpus
postscriptAs a postscript to my days in Port Said, perhaps I can tell one brief, romantic story.And where, Holtz wondered in a postscript, were the newspaper clippings from Melbourne?A postscript must be added to this story.This was more than just a belated postscript to one of the closest and most bizarre elections in history.It was a fitting postscript to the year of victories and the real end of the invasion danger.There's an interesting postscript to this tale.The postscript, entitled A Princess Alone, covers the events of last summer.There is an eerily Victorian postscript to this unhappy tale, almost too melodramatic to be true.The hand-written postscript read, "Thank you Jim!"
From Longman Business Dictionarypostscriptpost‧script /ˈpəʊsˌskrɪptˈpoʊs-/ noun [countable] something added to the end of a report, account etcThis information was given in a postscript to the letter. see also PS
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PostScriptPost‧Script /ˈpəʊsˌskrɪptˈpoʊs-/ noun [uncountable] trademark COMPUTING a high level computer language used to produce writing and images on a printed page
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