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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpostseasonpost‧sea‧son /ˈpəʊstˌsiːzən◂ $ ˈpoʊst-/ adjective [only before noun] American English  relating to the time after the usual sports season is over opp preseason a postseason gamepostseason noun [singular]
Examples from the Corpus
postseasonUnder Constantine, the Sharks were 55-78-24 and made their only two postseason appearances.Barnett has no illusions about a championship season, or even a guaranteed postseason berth.Smoltz will face Marlins rookie Tony Saunders, making his postseason debut.Mostly to annoy the league office, they compare their choices for postseason honors and publish them.Was traded with about 90 minutes before postseason rosters were set.Still, Leyland left him out of the postseason rotation because there was nobody else to work right-handed long relief.Williams can play in only the final six regular-season games and postseason tournaments.
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