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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishposturalpos‧tur‧al /ˈpɒstʃərəl $ ˈpɑːs-/ adjective [only before noun] formal  relating to the way you sit or stand postural problems
Examples from the Corpus
posturalHowever; the defiant child also tends to have a little better postural control than the overly sensitive child.Patients taking these drugs should be advised to report postural dizziness or faintness, which may signal orthostatic hypotension.One should attempt to withhold all conventional hypotensive agents for as long as possible as they will tend to exacerbate the postural hypotension.Atonic seizures are characterized by a sudden loss of postural muscle tone.The forward-tilting chair allows the spine and the postural muscles to support and balance the body naturally.And the idea that postural or emotional changes could bring on purring also seems far-fetched.VDUs are suspected by some of causing eye strain, postural problems and even of spreading harmful radiation across the room.
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