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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishposturepos‧ture /ˈpɒstʃə $ ˈpɑːstʃər/ ●○○ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]MOVE/CHANGE POSITION the way you position your body when sitting or standinggood/bad etc posture Poor posture can lead to muscular problems. her upright posture2 [singular]BEHAVE the way you behave or think in a particular situationposture towards He tends to adopt a defensive posture towards new ideas.
Examples from the Corpus
postureAt the extreme edge of the picture, a fourth black woman sits on the rocks in a posture of abject humiliation.As with all displays, the unusual movements and postures are the result of a state of conflict.Movements and posture used daily when doing different jobs or in different occupations can save or squander energy.Most of all, it requires laying aside the guilt, uncoiling the defensive posture and dealing with the facts.Kerry has really good posture.The North has maintained a hostile military posture for 40 years.At a greater distance from the throne are the inferior nobles, also standing in the same posture of profound reverence.During that initial visit, the team found undernourished children whose slumped posture made it difficult for them to eat.She assumed the posture of coolness, confidence and self-assuredness.Do the postures continuously, in graceful slow motion with each exercise leading into the next.upright postureAn upright posture in bed or chair also aids lung expansion.Everyone looks so brisk in fresh suits of upright postures, so stiff and tense their buds won't open.She maintains a studiously upright posture as she talks, yet her voice is gentle, her expression open and kindly.The upright posture of the owl is very different from the gull.adopt a ... postureAdopt your normal posture by angling forward from the waist and sitting slightly through the knees.The bird adopts a characteristic squatting posture with its wings thrust forward to allow the ants access to the important feather tracts.Weld has adopted an unusually low-key posture at this meeting in contrast to the high-profile figure he has cut in the past.It was this factor more than any other which caused officials and Ministers alike to adopt such defensive postures.Do most members want the Institute to adopt politically controversial postures?Try to adopt this new posture whenever possible throughout the day.The squeeze on consumption prior to 1969 now led to trade unions adopting a more militant posture in wage negotiations.
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