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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishposypo‧sy /ˈpəʊzi $ ˈpoʊ-/ noun (plural posies) [countable]  GROUP OF THINGSa small bunch of flowers
Examples from the Corpus
posyMartina carried a posy and Claire a basket of similar flowers to the bride.All the bridesmaids carried posies of spring flowers, and wore antique pearl and gold necklaces and bracelets.Masses of posies aside, there are plenty of ways to have a perfumed garden.They carried between them hoops made into garlands, big baskets of flowers or small posies.She was looking at the posy of Neapolitan violets that had just arrived from Alfred.The hothouse flowers gardenia and stephanotis had to be coaxed and nurtured into flowering for the posies and the bridegroom's buttonhole.The posies of corn had been trampled in the mud.Heartsease makes a sweet Victorian posy.
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