Language: Old English
Origin: pott


1 noun
pot1 S2 W3


[countable]DFU a container used for cooking which is round, deep, and usually made of metal:
pot of
There was a big pot of soup on the stove.

for a plant

[countable]DLG a container for a plant, usually made of plastic or baked clay:
herbs growing in pots


[countable]DFU a container with a handle and a small tube for pouring, used to make tea or coffee:
Is there any tea left in the pot?
pot of
I'll make a pot of coffee.
coffee pot, teapot

for food, paint etc

[countable] British EnglishDFU a round container for storing foods such as jam that are slightly liquid, or for substances such as glue or paint
pot of
a pot of blue paint

bowl/dish etc

[countable]TIP a dish, bowl, plate, or other container that is made by shaping clay and then baking it [↪ pottery]:
an earthenware pot

go to pot

informal if something such as a place or an organization goes to pot, it becomes much worse or fails because no one is taking care of it:
The government has let the whole country go to pot.

pots of money

British English informal a lot of money:
They've got pots of money in the bank.
He's hoping to make pots of money from the deal.


the pot

a) money that is available to do something, especially money that people have collected
in the pot
So far we've got £150 in the pot.
b) all the money that people have risked in a card game, and which can be won
in the pot
There was $1000 in the pot.


[uncountable] old-fashioned informalMDD marijuana:
Michael was smoking pot with some friends.

(a case of) the pot calling the kettle black

informal used humorously to say that you should not criticize someone for something, because you have done the same thing or have the same fault


[countable] a potbelly

hit a ball

[countable] British English the act of hitting a ball into one of the pockets (=holes at the edge of the table) in games such as billiards, pool, and snooker


[countable] informal a toilet

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