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potassiumpo‧tas‧si‧um /pəˈtæsiəm/ noun [uncountable]  HCEa common soft silver-white metal that usually exists in combination with other substances, used for example in farming. It is a chemical element: symbol K
Examples from the Corpus
potassiumThese can be bleached by applying a potassium ferricyanide solution to them.The electrocardiogram provides a graphic indication of the membrane effects of altered potassium concentrations.Growth failure is also seen in hypokalemic children, particularly those with chronic potassium depletion.The medical experts found potassium levels were particularly high in some children.As is the case for calcium, correction of potassium deficiency may not be possible until the serum magnesium level is normalized.Perception, that is to say, boils down to the passage of sodium, potassium and other ions across semi-permeable membranes.Unlike sodium, potassium exhibits no renal threshold being excreted into the urine even in K depleted states.Diarrhea, due to gastrointestinal disorders, infections, and even laxative abuse, may lead to substantial potassium losses.
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