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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpotentialitypo‧ten‧ti‧al‧i‧ty /pəˌtenʃiˈæləti/ noun (plural potentialities) [countable]  formalPOSSIBLE an ability or quality that could develop in the future
Examples from the Corpus
potentialityRudolf Dreikurs has observed that encouragement implies faith in the child as she is, not in her potentiality.In advancing the tenets of racism, Western theorists left no avenue of human potentiality and human activity untouched.He is the enabler who lures the network of events and relationships, which constitute the Universe, to fulfil its potentialities.The result is a text that operates in the mode of potentiality.It crushes our potentialities and invades our lives with its imported products and televised movies that swamp the airwaves.What is coincident with the modal's event is the infinitive event's potentiality, not its actualization.A great deal hangs upon the species difference, the human capacity of the less subnormal, and the potentiality of normal infants.These paintings follow from a period of two years in which Chevallier examined the potentialities of the colour red.
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