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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpotentiallypo‧ten‧tial‧ly /pəˈtenʃəli/ ●●○ AWL adverb [+adj/adverb]  POSSIBLEsomething that is potentially dangerous, useful etc is not dangerous etc now, but may become so in the future a potentially dangerous situation
Examples from the Corpus
potentiallyThe image presented was of potentially active individuals bereft both of health and satisfaction through enforced retirement from economic activity.The number of varieties that are potentially available can be infinitely large.For this reason and no other, Gates is spending huge amounts of money to defend itself from a potentially catastrophic judgment.Sculpture workshops are potentially dangerous work sites.These tips also help prevent heat exhaustion, only several cases of which advance to potentially deadly heat stroke at the Canyon.a potentially fatal diseaseHowever, many potentially hazardous chemical installations are not covered by such regulations.Building it in is hard because the amount of knowledge which is potentially relevant to decoding each pronoun, is extremely large.Used prudently, advanced hybrid or bio-engineered crop strains could make a potentially significant contribution to third world agriculture.At the limit, governments are obliged to defend their currencies with interest-rate changes and potentially unlimited intervention.
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