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potholepot‧hole /ˈpɒthəʊl $ ˈpɑːthoʊl/ noun [countable]  1 TTRHOLEa large hole in the surface of a road, caused by traffic and bad weather, which makes driving difficult or dangerous2 DLOHEG British English a long hole that goes deep under the ground, formed by natural processespotholed adjective
Examples from the Corpus
potholeHe rode his bike over an enormous pothole.The pass gets its name from two groups of deep limestone potholes set either side of the road.The 1996 survey was taken during the fall, when there tend to be more potholes.It is going to cost the city at least $500,000 to patch potholes created by winter rains.It pitches and bobbles on some roads, and bounces over the potholes driven fast.The potholes go half way up the tire.In one of these potholes, Estrelita's front right hoof became trapped.The road is rutted mud, with potholes like emptied boils.
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