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potionpo‧tion /ˈpəʊʃən $ ˈpoʊ-/ noun [countable]  1 literaryROM a drink intended to have a special or magical effect on the person who drinks it, or which is intended to poison them a magic potion a love potion2 MHa medicine, especially one that seems strange or old-fashioned
Examples from the Corpus
potionNurses and doctors, oblivious to the scene around them, came and went with pills and potions, drips and plasma.pills and potionsCorbett, acting his part, looked nervously back down the street and said he needed certain potions.Last summer they made another potion; it looked as gloppy and smelled as awful as their earlier potions.Whip it into a frothy, intoxicating potion.Do not break any blisters or put any lotions, potions or magic ointments on the burn.Without calling Josta a carbonated love potion, Pepsi provides a little explanation on the back of each can.It wasn't exactly fun being pursued round the potion lab and shoved into jars.There are also three potions and ten keys to be found.
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