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potpourripot‧pour‧ri /ˌpəʊpʊˈriː $ ˌpoʊ-/ noun  1 pot_pourri.jpg DH[uncountable] a mixture of pieces of dried flowers and leaves kept in a bowl to make a room smell pleasant2 [singular]MIX a mixture of things that are not usually put together, for example different pieces of music or writingpotpourri of a potpourri of literary styles
Examples from the Corpus
potpourriThe rest of the Standard's hardware is a potpourri of virtually every guitar that Mr Carlton has been associated with.a potpourri of religious ideasSome of the athletes in this international potpourri, like Kaila, McGuirk and Thomson, hold dual citizenship.He presented these treasures plainly; without even a bowl of potpourri on a table top.For a week six bubbles were filled with boxes full of potpourri which had become infested with moths.All round, the rich stink of sweat, urine, spilled ale, even a trace of potpourri.Use them in herbal teas or potpourri.Forget the potpourri of herbs and spices.
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