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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpoverty-strickenˈpoverty-ˌstricken adjective  POORextremely poor poverty-stricken familiessee thesaurus at poor
Examples from the Corpus
poverty-strickenAt the moment, many poverty-stricken communities are experiencing a shortage of teachers.The poverty-stricken could then take over the deserted metropolises.His photographs show vividly the lives of poverty-stricken families in the Gorbals area of Glasgow.Governments turn a blind eye to the thousands of poverty-stricken families that migrate to the forest every year.A man was walking down a street, and the street was narrow, mean, full of poverty-stricken houses.You drank because you were poverty-stricken, Mamma, both in pocket and in spirit.poverty-stricken neighborhoodsHis security police are no strangers to intimidation when it comes to striking fear into Ciskei's 850,000 poverty-stricken people.I wandered through a poverty-stricken village in the countryside, flies swarming over me under a baking sun.Everything conspires, therefore, to isolate and ignore that poverty-stricken world and leave it to its own devices.
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