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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpowpow /paʊ/ interjection  SOUNDused to represent the sound of a gun firing, an explosion, or someone hitting another person hard, especially in children’s comics
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POWPOW /ˌpiː əʊ ˈdʌbəljuː $ -oʊ-/ noun [countable]  PMa prisoner of war
Examples from the Corpus
POWWe drove through that, and it was at this time that we captured 15 to 20 POWs and lots of equipment.All POWs have been released.The company now admits it is likely that the facilities were partly staffed by forced labor and POWs during this period.After commencing retraining, the ex POWs, like most soldiers on a home posting, endeavoured to get home at weekends.He received about 20 letters from ex-regimental POWs who were in need; these were passed on to the regiment.Most of all, Nixon justified the continuation of the war by raising the issue of the POWs held by Hanoi.
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