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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpracticalitiespracticalities[plural]REAL/NOT IMAGINARY the real facts of a situation rather than ideas about how it might bepracticalities of the practicalities of everyday life for someone in a wheelchair practicality
Examples from the Corpus
practicality ofAlways consider the economic practicalities of getting and enforcing judgement before starting litigation.He was fascinated by the practicalities of a new approach to traditional crafts.One of the prime differences between the systems is in the practicalities of succession.He soon gets down to the practicalities of building a successful practice.However, when the practicalities of gardening were examined, it was difficult for her to timetable it in.His involvement with the practicalities of such development seems to have been at the level of experience as well as theory.During this period of numbness, people are perfectly able to carry on with the practicalities of living.Also, keeping band accounts is useful to familiarize you with the practicalities of money coming in and going out.
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