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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpracticalityprac‧ti‧cal‧i‧ty /ˌpræktɪˈkæləti/ noun  1 practicalities2 [uncountable]SUITABLE how suitable something is, or whether it will work doubts about the practicality of your suggestion You need to think about comfort and practicality when choosing walking shoes.3 [uncountable]SENSIBLE the quality of being sensible and basing your plans on what you know will work
Examples from the Corpus
practicalityEven excluding something so self-evident as parent motivation, there is also practicality at stake.Philip laughed at the simple practicality.We asked our architect to consider the practicality of cleaning the stonework and re-locating the plaque.Some Congressmen doubt the practicality of the new legislation.He soon gets down to the practicalities of building a successful practice.However, when the practicalities of gardening were examined, it was difficult for her to timetable it in.The practicalities are being considered by the research councils in the Department of Education in Northern Ireland.
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