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prac‧tice S2 W1

a skill

[uncountable and countable] when you do a particular thing, often regularly, in order to improve your skill at it:
It takes hours of practice to learn to play the guitar.
With a little more practice you should be able to pass your test.
We have choir practice on Tuesday evening.
in practice for something
Schumacher crashed out in practice for the Australian grand prix.
football/rugby/basketball etc practice
John's at baseball practice.
! In British English the verb is always spelled practise (>see separate entry). In American English both noun and verb are spelled practice.

in practice

used when saying what really happens rather than what should happen or what people think happens:
In practice women receive much lower wages than their male colleagues.
The journey should only take about 30 minutes, but in practice it usually takes more like an hour.

something done often

[uncountable and countable] something that people do often, especially a particular way of doing something or a social or religious custom:
religious beliefs and practices
the practice of doing something
the practice of dumping waste into the sea
see usage note habit


[countable]BBC the work of a doctor or lawyer, or the place where they work
medical/legal practice
Mary Beth had a busy legal practice in Los Angeles.
general practice, private practice

be common/standard/normal practice

to be the usual and accepted way of doing something:
It's common practice in many countries for pupils to repeat a year if their grades are low.
It's standard practice to seek parents' permission wherever possible.

good/best/bad practice

an example of a good or bad way of doing something, especially in a particular job:
It's not considered good practice to reveal clients' names.

put something into practice

if you put an idea, plan etc into practice, you start to use it and see if it is effective:
It gave him the chance to put his ideas into practice.

be out of practice

to have not done something for a long time, so that you are not able to do it well

practice makes perfect

used to say that if you do an activity regularly, you will become very good at it

habit, custom, tradition, practice
A habit is something that you do often, because you have done it many times before.Do not use habit when you are talking about actions or ways of doing things that have existed among a group of people for a very long time. Use tradition or custom. Use tradition when the thing you are referring to has existed for many years, especially when it has been passed down from parents to children It is a tradition in his family for all first-born males to be called Peter. Use custom to refer to something that is considered normal or polite, especially when you are talking about other countries or other times the Japanese custom of taking off your shoes when you enter someone's house Use practice to talk about the usual way of doing something in a particular area of life the practice of killing animals for their furSee also habit

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