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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpractisedprac‧tised British English, practiced American English /ˈpræktɪst/ adjective  1 GOOD ATsomeone who is practised in a particular job or skill is good at it because they have done it many times before a practised performerpractised in (doing) something He was already well practiced in giving acceptance speeches.to the practised eye (=to someone who has seen something many times and knows a lot about it)2 [only before noun]EXPERIENCED a practised action has been done so often that it now seems very easy He faced the television cameras with practised ease.
Examples from the Corpus
practisedThe practised assurance of those long years of marriage came into its own.He'd secured her with practised ease, and so fast that she hadn't even been aware of it happening.There is a comprehensive range of information before them and their practised eye quickly detects any malfunction.He presses the snooze button on the clock with a practised finger and falls effortlessly asleep.Sly was a very practised judge of character and strength and this guy looked off the scale.A practised observer would quickly notice changes in the birds' behaviour.practised in (doing) somethingMoreover, shifting cultivation was still being practised in Czechoslovakia, for example, until the late 1970s at least.Skills were often practised in isolation from any meaningful context.But he bowed his head, and made Rosalba, practised in modesty, worry whether she should curtsey in response.The attempt to use the theatre for purposes of moral education, still practised in Schiller's time, was soon discredited.It may, for all the author knows, be practised in some firms even now.But all three novels also exhibit significant variations on parody as it has been practised in the past.Maury believes that Aromatherapy helps to attune the body with the spiritual elements in the universe as practised in these religions.So, in its relations with Government, Co-operation as practised in this country functions as part of the private sector.with practised easeFinally she stepped into her chosen dress, zipping it up at the back with practised ease.He'd secured her with practised ease, and so fast that she hadn't even been aware of it happening.
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