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practitionerprac‧ti‧tion‧er /prækˈtɪʃə $ -ər/ AWL noun [countable]  1 BOWORK/DO WORKsomeone who works as a doctor or a lawyermedical/legal practitioner a practitioner of alternative medicine general practitioner2 DOsomeone who regularly does a particular activity one of golf’s most experienced practitionerspractitioner of a practitioner of Taoist philosophy
Examples from the Corpus
practitionerIf after two days, it's still the same - go to see a practitioner.In 1967, Phil Boardman was an early practitioner of this dangerous specialty.General practitioners in Berkshire claimed 31.5 night visits per 1000 population in 1992.Its practitioners have now started to explore the legal hornet's nest likely to be stirred up by in vitro fertilisation.a Christian Science practitionerSo that old kungfu contradiction appears yet again: by doubling his striking power the practitioner makes himself twice as vulnerable.medical/legal practitionerAll three occupants suffered multiple injuries and were certified dead at the crash site by a medical practitioner.The full rate is the same for all clinical specialities and for general medical practitioners.Dental surgeons do not even have the cheap finance available to general medical practitioners.The influence of broader legislative and structural developments on medical practitioners in the three towns is also examined.Will it be the organised medical practitioners as we know them today or those who are practising in the area?But cancer survivors, medical practitioners and attorneys agree that discrimination against workers with illnesses exists in the workplace.It is never a substitute for calling your medical practitioner.If the physical lighting is acceptable, and the eye-strain persists, consult your medical practitioner or an ophthalmic optician.practitioner ofa practitioner of Taoist philosophy
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