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prawnprawn /prɔːn $ prɒːn/ ●○○ noun [countable] especially British English  prawn.jpg HBFDFa small pink shellfish that can be eaten syn shrimp American English a prawn sandwich prawn cocktail (=a small dish of prawns in a sauce with some salad)
Examples from the Corpus
prawnAdd prawns for 7 to 10 minutes.Much nicer and far more refreshing than the bland oiliness of avocado and prawns, a combination which still baffles me.Specialities include deep fried shredded beef, duck, prawn dishes and hand-made noodles.The Bichirs take like and frozen Tubifex, frozen prawn, and catfish pellets.Include prawns for a special treat or add chicken or ham for a really substantial meal.Islay Prawn Delight - prawns blended with mayonnaise and malt whisky. 6.The tuna tartare with chopped avocado, the clam chowder with smoked bacon and the giant Louisiana prawns were all a hit.Though prawns are low in calories, they are then smothered in a dressing loaded with them.
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