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prayerprayer /preə $ prer/ ●●● S3 W3 noun  1 [countable]RRPRAY words that you say when praying to God or gods Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. The children said their prayers and got into bed. God has answered your prayer.prayer for a prayer for the dead Lord's Prayer2 [uncountable]RRPRAY when someone prays, or the regular habit of praying the power of prayer a prayer meetingin prayer The congregation knelt in prayer.3 [countable]WANTHOPE a wish or hope that something will happen Her prayer was that she would pass her exams.4 prayers5 not have a prayer (of doing something)6 an/the answer to somebody’s prayers on a wing and a prayer at wing1(10)COLLOCATIONSverbssay a prayerSay a prayer for me.utter a prayer formal (=say a prayer)When she recovered, she uttered a prayer of thanks.offer a prayer (=say a prayer in a formal way, often in a group)Special prayers were offered for the boys during a service yesterday.hear somebody's prayerGod must have heard my prayers.answer somebody's prayer (=respond to a prayer, especially by giving you what you ask for)One day my prayers were answered.be in somebody's prayers (=be prayed for)You are always in my prayers.adjectivesa silent prayerHe said a silent prayer as he walked.prayer + NOUNa prayer book (=book containing prayers)a prayer mat/rug (=small cloth on which Muslims kneel to pray)a prayer meeting (=meeting at which people pray together)a prayer service (=church service at which people pray)
Examples from the Corpus
prayerShe knelt to say a prayer of profound thankfulness.a prayer meetingOur thoughts and prayers are with the Hinson family.This is a besieged, privileged and panicked minority at prayer.His constant prayer was for an end to the war.In this paper we have stayed close to the pattern presented in the tradition and in official contemporary prayers.The synagogue is used for prayer and study.Their heads were bowed in prayer.From within the house came the mutterings of prayers, accompanied by the tinkling of gamelan instruments.The monks here believe strongly in the power of prayer and meditation.We always used to say our prayers before going to bed.Our prayers for peace have been answered.Some of the prayers are sobs and groans.This prayer has no special introduction or conclusion.There is an old saying: Be careful what you pray for, lest your prayers be answered.prayer fora prayer for the poorin prayerThe congregation knelt in prayer.