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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpre-emptivepre-emp‧tive, preemptive /priˈemptɪv/ adjective  PREVENTa pre-emptive action is done to prevent something from happening, especially something that will harm youpre-emptive strike/attack a series of pre-emptive strikes on guerrilla bases
Examples from the Corpus
pre-emptiveBoth are meant to decide on the basis of dependent reasons and their decisions are therefore pre-emptive.The defender launches his pre-emptive counter-attack a split second after the attacker prepares to strike.Perhaps general anaesthesia should be combined with pre-emptive local and regional anaesthetic blocks more often.The procedure whereby the pre-emptive offer is to be communicated to the shareholders is laid down in section 90.It still leaves the state Legislature with massive pre-emptive powers to override local decisions.Right then, apparently, she put away any pre-emptive right to either Augusta or Thomas.The elective resolution procedure does not apply to the pre-emptive rights since a special resolution procedure is available to change the articles.The US says it is prepared to launch a pre-emptive strike with nuclear weapons if it is threatened.That is what is known as a pre-emptive whinge.pre-emptive strike/attackApparently spooked, Univel cut its prices attempting what it called a pre-emptive strike.But it never got that far because Kasser fired his pre-emptive strike.To prevent them being expressed, you stage a pre-emptive strike.He had half expected a divine pre-emptive strike, a thunderbolt maybe, as he queued for the body and blood.It was a pre-emptive strike against attempts to rewrite and water down his proposals in the months ahead.Both his coups began with a ruthless pre-emptive strike from a position of strength.This diminishes the chances of accidental war or pre-emptive strikes motivated by unfounded fears.
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