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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpreamblepre‧am‧ble /priˈæmbəl $ ˈpriːæmbəl/ noun [countable, uncountable]  formalBEGINNING a statement at the beginning of a book, document, or talk, explaining what it is aboutpreamble to the preamble to the American Constitution Harding gave him the news without preamble (=without saying anything else before it).
Examples from the Corpus
preambleEven religion and politics were subjects he covered in his preamble in relation to local inhabitants such as George Fox.There's a big difference between the document's lengthy preamble and the actual content.Given such preambles, it seems natural to adopt a teleological approach to interpretation.The first paragraph of your speech after the preamble should be designed to hold everyone's attention.We broadly agree with the analysis outlined in the preamble to Threshold 21.Wilcock, with assistance, wrote the preamble.No need to go on about the band in this preamble.I gave him the bad news without preamble.
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