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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprecautionarypre‧cau‧tion‧a‧ry /prɪˈkɔːʃənəri $ -ˈkɒːʃəneri/ adjective  PREVENTdone in order to prevent something dangerous or unpleasant from happening More troops were sent to the area as a precautionary measure.
Examples from the Corpus
precautionaryThe Communist moves then, however, were largely precautionary.But the decision to give antibiotics to Yeltsin may have been precautionary and not indicative of his condition.Ansah was carried off with concussion at Luton on Saturday, but had a precautionary brain scan and reported fit this morning.The seasoned fighter would be well aware of this and would take precautionary counter-measures.It can be argued that rates of interest may also influence the precautionary demand.The precautionary principle was one of many sparks that ignited protests during the World Trade Organisation meetings in Seattle last year.Unfortunately, the very live bat bit back, and Osbourne underwent a painful series of precautionary rabies injections.precautionary measureCenter Jelani McCoy did not participate in the defensive drills as a precautionary measure.Nevertheless, it was time to take a little precautionary measure.Tobacco that tolerates salinity is a precautionary measure against the rising tides that a changing climate will bring.One resident was taken to hospital with chest pains as a precautionary measure but was released after a check-up.At this point a final precautionary measure is necessary.Nevertheless, it is a serious condition if the eye is affected, and sensible precautionary measures should be taken.Short confidentiality clauses in standard conditions are really only precautionary measures to be relied upon in an emergency.Nine more were taken in as a precautionary measure while firefighters ventilated the building and removed the canisters involved.
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