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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpreconceivedpre‧con‧ceived /ˌpriːkənˈsiːvd◂/ adjective [only before noun]  KNOW somethingpreconceived ideas, opinions etc are formed before you really have enough knowledge or experience preconceived notions about art We started from scratch with no preconceived ideas.
Examples from the Corpus
preconceivedThe other type of offence involved in effect a preconceived and premeditated pitched battle, often accompanied by the use of weapons.For him, the facts based on them were treated as facts, and not related to some preconceived idea ...The reader must judge from this account, written by some one who approached his subject with no preconceived ideas either way.Those who come to it fresh, without preconceived ideas of how a spreadsheet works, will find it a dream.Any preconceived image she had of James and Elaine Morris was instantly forgotten when they walked towards her.I know it is idiotically wrong to have preconceived notions about looks.I was not about to confront her preconceived notions head-on.The content and form of social and economic formations along with institutions can not be properly investigated by projecting preconceived notions.
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