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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpredominancepre‧dom‧i‧nance /prɪˈdɒmənəns $ -ˈdɑː-/ AWL noun  1 [singular]MOST if there is a predominance of one type of person or thing in a group, there are more of that type than of any other typepredominance of a predominance of boys in the class2 [uncountable]POWER someone or something that has predominance has the most power or importance in a particular group or area Britain’s naval predominance
Examples from the Corpus
predominanceAlso male predominance was particularly significant in these cases.Japan's predominance in the world of financeAs one would expect, the labor force reflects the same predominance of women in nursing.There are other reasons for the predominance of women carers, even after retirement.Therefore many local forms have evolved, giving rise to the predominance of endemic species within the genus Cryptocoryne.Another reason for the dearth of soccer talent in Leeds was the predominance of rugby.The predominance is assumed to follow in a Paretian manner from inequality in the distribution of the relevant power-related resources.The predominance these spatial constructs have for the ordinary constable is essential to an understanding of the police mind.predominance ofthe predominance of Latinos in the community
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