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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpreferablypref‧e‧ra‧bly /ˈprefərəbli/ ●○○ adverb  used in order to show which person, thing, place, or idea you think would be the best choice Students must take two years of a foreign language, preferably Spanish.
Examples from the Corpus
preferablyCome early in the week -- on Monday preferably.Bicycles should have a reliable padlock and carry some form of identification, preferably a police stamp.You should see a doctor, preferably a specialist.A strong academic background, preferably an advanced degree in a relevant discipline."And you need to get a can of beans." "Black or red?" "Whichever they have. Preferably black."Proper training beforehand, preferably by a qualified physiotherapist, is essential to ensure good, safe practice.A good root would preferably comprise a conveyance on sale, or if not, a legal mortgage.Carnivores are by definition predators and usually like to eat moving, preferably live, foods.We find these look very good in tanks with a white or coral substrate - preferably stocked with black or silver Mollies.Its moment about the centre of the rectangle increases and it needs balancing by one, but preferably two, additional drawings.We're looking for well-qualified young people, preferably with good computer skills.
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