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pregnantpreg‧nant /ˈpreɡnənt/ ●●○ S3 adjective  1 MBBABY/HAVE A BABYif a woman or female animal is pregnant, she has an unborn baby growing inside her bodypregnancy medical care for pregnant women I knew right away that I was pregnant. I thought I was too old to get pregnant.twenty weeks/three months etc pregnant She’s about five months pregnant.pregnant with Maria was pregnant with her second child. I didn’t mean to get her pregnant (=make her pregnant). His wife was heavily pregnant (=almost ready to give birth).2 pregnant pause/silence3 pregnant with somethingCOLLOCATIONSverbsbecome pregnantSally became pregnant, and gave birth to a baby son.get pregnant informal (=become pregnant)She got pregnant when she was sixteen.get somebody pregnant (=make a woman pregnant, usually without planning to)At least he didn't get you pregnant.adverbstwelve weeks pregnant/two months pregnant etcThe doctor said that she was eight weeks pregnant.heavily pregnant (=having almost reached the time when you will give birth)I saw at once that the woman was heavily pregnant.
Examples from the Corpus
pregnantShe thought perhaps the baby was very clever: her friends remarked upon how sharp she'd got since she became pregnant.They are against it, except if they, their secret lover or their 14-year-old daughter is pregnant.Within a few months, Gordeeva was pregnant.We can't stop teens from having sex, but we can help them to avoid getting pregnant.When did you find out you were pregnant?By this time I was heavily pregnant and could hardly get into any of my clothes.They went back to natural oestrogen, a cumbersome and expensive product, harvested from the urine of pregnant mares.Three months later, she shows up pregnant on his doorstep.When Janette was three months pregnant, she caught flu.When our cat was pregnant she looked like a round, furry ball.When she was pregnant, she washed clothes.In her alternative class for pregnant teens at school, she was surrounded by 13 -, 14-and 15-year-olds.When I was pregnant with Mandy, I felt fat and unattractive.It was an interesting move pregnant with unforeseen circumstances, not least the concern and misunderstanding to which it gave rise locally.The health centre provides milk and vitamins for pregnant women.heavily pregnantThen I went to an aqua class with my neighbour who was heavily pregnant at the time.She was heavily pregnant but she was questioned and made to wait for the next twelve hours without food or water.But please note that you shouldn't move heavily pregnant livebearers, as it can cause them to miscarry.When I was heavily pregnant we lived in one room that was infested with red ants.
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